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It’s All About the Simple Things … and the Booty

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Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the best.

Simple ideas, for example.  I wrote a Squidoo lens with suggestions for Jake and the Neverland Party Ideas, and I pinned a bunch of the photos from the lens, things like decorations and cakes and activities.

This photo was one I pinned.  I’m really not sure where the image originally came from, so if it’s yours, let me know!

What I wanted to point out, though, was that this is a photo of a very simple concept:  fill a bucket with sand and plastic coins and jewelry, hand kids some shovels, and let them dig for pirate treasure!

There’s no fancy branding or advertising on the photo, just a concept. But a fun-filled one that could entertain kids for hours.

And others were attracted to this simple concept as well, because my pin was re-pinned over a thousand times in just over 3 months.  A thousand times.

See the stats for yourself.

Unbelievable.  And unbelievably simple.

Momism #5: Chocolate Stash

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Has it already been a week since my last post?

Guess life has been keeping me busy.  Most of it is an exciting-busy:  starting up my new real estate business.  But, unfortunately, there has also been some stressful-busy, pretty much all divorce-related.

Which brings me to chocolate.

When I think of stress, I think of chocolate.  Is it just me?  Be honest…

Anyway, chocolate also comes in handy about once a month, which is what this Momism references.  The main problem with this, is that sometimes us moms NEED chocolate.  But that would make our kids hyper.  Just before bedtime.  Which is never good.

So sometimes we hide things.  Not because we’re greedy.  Because we’re busy.  And stressed.  And we need some sort of outlet for that stress so that we can pretend to be sane in front of our kids.

Chocolate is one of those outlets.

Why Books are Awesome

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Yesterday, I passed my state licensing exam for real estate!


And today I signed on with a local broker, so I can start working on my new business … an essential part of me moving onto the next stage of my life.  This is huge.


I’m excited and I’m relieved.  I’m happy that I don’t have to study tonight.  But still, even though I’m looking forward to my new career in real estate, I plan to talk about housing and housing markets and all that stuff on my real estate blog and Facebook page…  not here.  This blog is for everything else.  Like my first love:  books.  I’ll always be a writer, no matter what my “day job” is.

And, on that note, I’d like to share 10 Reasons Real Books Are Better Than E-books.

Enjoy :)

Let The Night Come

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I can’t seem to stop listening to “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore.  Especially the video.

The song grabs me.  It holds on tight.  And I can’t sit still.

Why am I so addicted?

It’s the passion.  The energy.

For me, music is nothing without passion and energy.  It’s why I love Nina Simone.  It’s why I love Bob Marley.  People who speak to us, deep within us, and shake our universe in such a way that even when the song is over, we’ve been forever changed.  Singers who’s songs never really leave us.

Which is why I made this image tonight, with a quote from the video’s version of the song:

“Let the night come, before the fight’s won,
Some might run against the test.
But those that triumph, embrace the fight ’cause,
Their fears then prove that courage exists.”

Never abandon hope.

Raw!  :)

Eat a Cookie

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It never gets easier.

Watching my kids walk away.  Waving goodbye.  Blowing kisses.  I love you!

(don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry)

I never imagined that I could ever be blessed with such incredible, wonderful, amazing children.  And I never imagined that my marriage would fall apart.  Or that I would find myself with a 50/50 time-sharing arrangement for the two little angels that carry not only my genes, but pieces of my soul within them.

It breaks me every time I say goodbye, knowing that will be the last time that I see them, hug them, kiss them, hold them for another week.

But (and this is along the lines of my last post, Choose Happy) I have found that survival exists in the decision to stay positive.

It’s not easy.  But it’s essential.

And because it’s not easy, sometimes we need help.  And this is why I love Sesame Street so very much:  because they not only appeal to the children they are teaching, but they use humor to reach right into the minds of the parents, translating exactly how we  feel.  Kind of like this:

Cookie Monster knows just exactly how I feel.

And tonight is a cookie night.

Choose Happy

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Today I had my first sale in my newest Zazzle store!  Woohoo!  :)

The “Beautiful Adventures” store was created in an attempt to inspire people to love this beautiful planet and crazy existence as much as I do. But sometimes that can be a challenge.  I know.

So the first design for this new store was the phrase “Choose Happy” over some bright, blooming flowers:

Choose Happy Tile

Sometimes we need this reminder.  To choose happiness, even if you are surrounded by terrible things at the moment, because life if beautiful.

Well, at least, sometimes I need this reminder.

Anyway, I found it inspiring that the first sale was also the first design I created for the store.  This sale of “Choose Happy” was on a tile that’s available either as a 6″x6″ or 4.25″x4.25″ ceramic tile.  It can be used as decoration or as a trivet the way it is, but it’s also available with a wooden frame or placed into a jewelry box.  So it’s pretty versatile. You can read more about it here.

I hope this brings a little “happy” to your day!  :)

Momism #4: Sleep Deprivation

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This is the type of thing I didn’t used to think was possible.   It’s amazing what types of changes in perception you gain as you become a parent.

Especially with a toddler and a newborn at the same time.

I’ve had two kids for over a year and a half now, but when I say things like, “I’m lucky I remember my own name,” I actually mean it.

The Startling and Disappointing Truth

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There is a quote from Eudora Welty that I adore, that really speaks to my soul.  That makes me smile.

I had gone on a pinning quest to find the quote written out on a nice background, but couldn’t find the entire quote, or an image I liked, anywhere in my searchings of the web.

So I made my own:

And there it is – I’m smiling again.

Enjoy  :)

A Fork-Lift Fork and a Garden Trowel Spoon

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I think I gasped out loud when I saw these awesome construction-themed utensils.  A fork-lift fork?  A front loader spoon?  A bulldozer pusher?

What kid wouldn‘t love eating with utensils that look like these???

I immediately considered buying these for my girls, even though they’re not all that interested in construction.  They do love to build things, and they do love cars, so maybe they’d get excited about them…

And then I saw these:

Oh.  My.  Fairy goodness!  Garden tool utensils?  And they’re pink!  And decorated with fairies!

Hello shopping cart:  I just saw my future filled with less dinnertime arguments…